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This newsletter was made with love by RavenOps in San Francisco

This newsletter was made with love by RavenOps in San Francisco

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AutonoMusings - Robotic Jellyfish, Spiders, and School Buses

Welcome to the 20th edition of AutonoMusings!This week, there was an unusual amount of noise coming out of the European autonomous vehicle world, while giant spider and tiny jellyfish robots remind us how much variety there can be in robotics!- Josh


AutonoMusings - Airware's Final Landing

Welcome to this week's AutonoMusings!The most surprising autonomy news this week was drone software startup Airware's decision to shut down. Just a few days ago, the company announced a new Tokyo office and partnership with Mitsubishi.Airware went through a n…


AutonoMusings - AI Drone Racing, Anyone?

Welcome to AutonoMusings!This week we got confirmation that Alpha<InsertTopicName> is the new default shorthand for AI projects in the wake of AlphaGo. Ouster pushed an update to their LIDARS unlocking new super powers. Lastly, the data shows AI might t…


AutonoMusings - Robots That Have Your Back

Welcome to this week's AutonoMusings.With a surprise leadership change at Zoox, and open questions about the future of Uber's Advanced Technologies Group, much of the news this week was about autonomous vehicles, but AI also grabbed headlines with deep-fake t…


AutonoMusings - Empathy for Robots

After last week’s news that Mayfield Robotics is stopping development and production of its Kuri robot, the head of Misty Robotics, Tim Enwall, published a thought piece in IEEE about what went wrong.In short, his argument is that we don’t know what the “kill…


AutonoMusings - Digging Down, Building Up, and Taking Off

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AutonoMusings - Fewer Home Robots, More Autonomous Trucks

There are plenty of things we all wish robots could do around the house... clean the dishes, cook dinner, walk the dog. But the intersection between technical feasibility, consumer price points, and user need is proving elusive. That isn't stopping people fro…


AutonoMusings - Driving the World Daily

Before diving into our next two articles, notice that they are both about robots for “disaster response” and “search and rescue”. Whenever I see those phrases, I just replace them with “messy environments.” People would rather imagine their robots saving live…


AutonoMusings - RSS round-up, LIDAR, and Sidewalk Toronto

Our friend Sumeet Singh recently returned from the Robotics (RSS) conference in Pittsburgh, so we asked him to share with us a round-up of the research he's most excited by. Sumeet and his colleagues presented their latest research on Risk-Sensitive Inverse R…


AutonoMusings - Space bots and Precision GPS

I met Tim Harris, CEO of Swift Navigation, several years ago just as I was beginning in startups. His leadership style is no small part of why Swift has earned a reputation as a fantastic place to work. But it's also a company overcoming big challenges in nav…


AutonoMusings - Scooters, Stunt-bots, and Dam-good AI

After spending years in the autonomous vehicle space working with Waymo and Uber's autonomous vehicle group, Anne Widera has been working with clients to explore the electric scooter industry and is very excited about this newest budding micro-mode ride-share…


AutonoMusings - CVPR Recap, Robo-burgers, and X-Ray Vision

Here at AutonoMusings, we've just returned from an exciting week at the annual Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) conference in Salt Lake City that brought together some of the most prominent computer vision and perception researchers. While Josh …


AutonoMusings - Robots in a Space Odyssey and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

It’s been a busy week here at AutonoMusings. While Josh attended The Information’s Autonomous Vehicles Summit, I took a field trip down to South Bay to meet with robots and their creators. One of the cool things that I learned this week is that it costs $60k …


AutonoMusings - Cruise, Nanobots, and Cyborg Rats

Arguably, the biggest news in the autonomy space this week was SoftBanks' Vision Fund's investment of $2.25B into Cruise Automation, GM's autonomous vehicle unit. Beyond the amount of money involved, it's worth considering some of the industry-wide implicatio…


AutonoMusings: Robots Getting a Grip

Picking up an object is a deceptively hard problem for a robot. Being able to grasp many different types of things in rapid succession? That's a major challenge.In this weeks interview, we chat with Derik Pridmore, co-founder and CEO of Osaro, to learn how th…


AutonoMusings: LIDARs, Flying Cars, and Robot Jogging Buddies

Among the teams building autonomous vehicles, few things are debated as passionately as the best sensor combination. The gist is this: picking wisely between LIDARs, cameras, and radar could be the difference between getting to market at a viable price point …


Robots on the Home Front and the Front Lines

Rumors about Amazon's new home robot, Vespa, have been making the headlines this week. To satisfy our curiosity (and yours!) on where the industry is going with domestic robots, we called our friend Ryan Hickman, who, as co-founder of TickTock, spent over a y…


Interacting with Robots: West World, Projections, and Cocktail Parties

Around the time this newsletter hits your inbox, all of us here at AutonoMusings will be deep in the throes of watching the West World season premiere.The show depicts an amusement park of sorts, populated with advanced robots that play characters in a Wild W…


What is a robot? Autonomous cars, breathing beans, and robot chefs

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Welcome to AutonoMusings!

There's been a recent uptick in the news about cool bio-inspired designs. Here's some of the best from this week...